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Kodak Black Denied Early Release After Sending Handwritten Note To Feds

Kodak Black case

Kodak Black’s most recent attempt to get an early release from prison failed.

It’s been a year and a half since Kodak Black has been behind bars. He isn’t scheduled for release until November of 2022, but he tried to reach out to federal prosecutors in an attempt to get a reduction in his time. In his bid for earlier freedom, he even included a handwritten letter, however, it was turned down.

He made the attempt about a month before his IG message to his son, aka “lil sniper”. Being away from his family has taken a toll on him as just a few days ago, he expressed just how much he missed his son. Using Instagram, he said, “I Love You Son. I Miss You. See You Soon My Lil Sniper.”

It was also recently revealed that he would be moved from a jail in Kentucky to one in Chicago. This move came about because reports surfaced that he was being physically and emotionally abused by prison guards. It seems he’s been genuinely trying to clean up his act and make a change for the better. He announced that he converted to Judaism just before the release of his latest album, Bill Israel. In his letter, he said that he was not “sick or demented,” but just someone who made a mistake. He also tried to demonstrate how much he’d changed by organizing a Christmas Toy Drive in a Florida community. He gifted 60 children and 100 families with gift cards, scooters, and other various toys.

Due to all of these reasons, he tried to show that he could do more good for the world than being behind bars. His efforts, at least this time around, was shut down by prosecutors who said there were no “extraordinary and compelling reasons supporting his request for release.”

In 2019, Kodak Black pleaded guilty to federal weapons charges before being sentenced to 46 months in prison. He continues to try to keep his spirits up while in jail. Since the sentence, he’s apologized to those he offended and continues to work on new music.