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A$AP Rocky Was Locked In Rihanna Friend Zone For Years

ASAP Rocky Rihanna
ASAP Rocky, Rihanna

Turns out Rihanna had A$AP Rocky in the friend zone for years before they started dating.

Ask any man, and he’ll tell you that the friend zone is not a cool place to be in. Yet, it turns out that is the space A$AP Rocky occupied for a number of years while trying to work his way up to RiRi. The new word on the street is that the rapper has finally broken the deadlock and is now the one busting down the Fenty boss. A source for the Us Weekly magazine confirmed Rocky had been deeply into Rihanna for years.

He “was always the instigator” when it came on to being flirty and showing interest. Sadly, the “Fashion Killa” rapper was never seen as fitting for the post. Rih “would brush off his advances and kept him in the friend zone,” the source confirmed. A$AP Rocky and Rihanna have endured rumors of a steamy romance between them since 2012 when Rocky hopped onto the remix for one of Rihanna’s hottest tracks, “Cockiness (Love It).” He would later accompany her on her Diamond tour, and she was even featured in the video for his song “Fashion Killa.”

The “Love On The Brain” singer would go on to form a 3-year relationship with the billionaire Hassan Jameel. That relationship ended towards the end of 2019, and A$AP Rocky was right there to be that support for his “bad gal.” That ultimately restarted rumors of their romance. However, the source revealed that things didn’t change until summer. The timeline of the source definitely seems accurate if we are to take the joint interviews the two participated in earlier this year into account.

“Things changed over the summer and they finally hooked up,” said the “source.” “They’ve been together ever since.”

In recent times, the two have been spotted out in NY, soaking up the best sounds and smells the city has to offer. They have also rumored attendees at their friend’s birthday party in New York.

Power couple alert!