Cardi B Gifted Offset A $600K Lamborghini Aventador SVJ For His Birthday

Cardi B got Offset a new Lamborghini for his birthday.

“Money” rapper Cardi B is reportedly covering a $600K invoice for her husband’s birthday present this year. The married couple that was on the verge of divorce just a few months ago reconciled around Cardi’s birthday in early October, which was when Offset gifted the Grammy Award-winning rapper a brand new Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

Now it’s Offset’s birthday, and Cardi is returning the extravagant favor. She gifted her husband and father of her child a brand new Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, and it is reportedly valued at $600K-$650K. Offset’s birthday celebration is well documented in Cardi’s Instagram Story, where the lot was seen partying hard in the club with other rappers like Takeoff, DaBaby, Roddy Ricch, and more.

Offset’s cake was another exorbitant affair decorated with his photos, chains, and wads of cash. Later after clubbing, the rapper was taken outside to see his new whip. In the clip, Cardi B is seen covering his eyes as they walk out to the car, then Offset completely loses it when the gift is revealed. “Thank you baby @iamcardib,” Offset wrote on Instagram Stories as he gushed over the new Lambo.

“Aww man, SVJ you see it on the muthaf***n seat,” he said in the video before asking his wife, “That’s how you feel?” The rapper went on to point out that there are only 63 of them in the world, which the fact that he knows that off the top shows how much Cardi knows her husband. “This muthaf***ka cost seven hunna!” Offset continued. “My wife da f***in truth. On God, my wife da truth. The best to ever do it… My baby got me situated with the big boy monster. Don’t play wit her, don’t play wit at one,” he said.

Cardi managed to outdo herself after getting Offset half a million in cold hard cash for his birthday last year so I’d say Offset is right, “don’t play wit her.”