Spice Exposed 6 Females Who Brutally Beat 17-year-old Girl Kaylan


Spice is exposing a gang of women responsible for the brutal beatdown of a teenager.

Amid a gruesome attack on a 17-year-old young woman in Jamaica by six other women, Spice is admonishing those responsible on social media and simultaneously raising awareness about the incident while demanding justice. The teenager, Kaylan Dowdie who was beaten to a pulp is reportedly suffering in critical condition at the University of the West Indies Hospital where doctors say she only has a 1% fighting chance.

The story surrounding the incident went viral when it was discovered that Kaylan, 17 was ambushed by six women at a party who were reportedly displeased by the way she looked at one of them. The petty motive led them to gang up on Kaylan in a brutal attack that sent her rushing to the hospital. Prayers and get well messages are currently circulating on social media with #PrayerForKaylan and #JusticeForKaylan hashtags.

Spice joined the support party when she posted a slide of pictures to Instagram that included an image of all six assailants and a photo of Kaylan in a hospital bed strung up to machines. “Wow I’m lost for much words,” Spice wrote. “How can you gang and beat someone next to death just because they look at you, ‘You don’t like the way she looked at you’ really. PULL THROUGH KAYLAN BEAT THE DEVIL.”

She continued, “The doctor says she has 1% chance to live but God can turn this into [100] to live easily. My prayers [are] with you KAYLAN I’m saddened and extremely disappointed in these 6 girls JAH JAH #JusticeforKaylan.” Other female dancehall artistes have expressed sympathies including Cecile who called the women’s actions “a terrible part of who we are” and Shenseea who shared a video of Kaylan singing her song “Lighter” with the words, “Get well soon my Shenyeng, we are all praying for you to pull through.”

As the investigation continues, two of the attackers have reportedly turned themselves in while the others remain at large. Meanwhile, a GoFundMe account has been established for the sole purpose of supporting Kaylan’s journey back to health. Our prayers are with the family of the 17-year-old as we wish her a full recovery.