Shenseea, Ce’Cile, Shaneil Muir Calls For Justice For 17-Year-Old Girl Stabbed in Kingston


A group of female dancehall artistes are reacting to the brutal beating and stabbing of a 17-year-old female in Kingston.

As police in Jamaica continue to hunt for suspects in relation to the stabbing of a 17-year-old female at an illegal party, female Dancehall artists have been sharing their views on the matter and wishing the teen a speedy recovery. She was admitted to the hospital following the stabbing in a critical condition.

So far, two suspects have been detained. Both suspects are women aged 26-year-old and 33-year-old. The incident took place at Boysie Lane off Barbican Road, Kingston 8, on Saturday, November 7. Shenseea joined the chorus of female artists who condemned the attack on the teen.

She posted some clips of the young woman singing to her Instagram stories. “Get well soon my ShenYeng…we all praying for you to pull through,” the first post read, the other stated: “Not only am I saddened by this but I’m very upset SMH! Justice,” another stated and in the third one which was made with a picture of the teen in hospital apparently fighting for her life she said: “Jah, who God bless no man curse! My heart goes out to the mother and family of this teen.”

Macka Diamond also posted her thoughts on the matter. She added this caption to a short video clip on Instagram, “Me did this 2 days now and a wonder if me should post it but God know me cah hold it we need JUSTICE for KAYLAN im praying for her in Jesus name.”

Cecile had a long post on her Instagram questioning the morales of Jamaican society and admonishing those who perpetrated the act.

She said, “17 years old On life support Beaten for no significant reason that I’ve gathered so far Beaten. Stabbed. Hit with bottle in view of others (including men) somehow it seems this fight couldn’t be broken up before it came to this KICKER: These atrocities were allegedly committed BY OTHER WOMEN. This is a terrible part of who we are. There is so much anger and hate. I see it everyday on social media. Verbal abuse being dished out for NO REASON but to be MEAN.
ANOTHER STRANGE occurrence I keep seeing is a lot of MEN being UNKIND or NASTY to women for no apparent reason. Check some Instagram comments (ive gotten a lot of that myself).”

Shaneil Muir prayed that the teen would recover:

“Heavenly Father, you said NO WEAPON formed against us shall prosper! And we can do ALL things through you who strengthens us. I am far from pure or perfect but today heavenly father I want to ask you for your guardian angels to cover, mend,mold and put back together what is broken and heal your child in the name of Jesus you will bring her through in Jesus name you have done miracles Lord and today we lift our voices all together and ask you for you for healing In Jesus Name! You ARE GOD! Cover her mother help her find the strength, guidance and patience because Heavenly Father, your timing is impeccable. Give her the courage lord I pray.”