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Boosie Badazz Breaks Silence On Getting Shot In His Leg

Boosie Badazz says he’s good after getting shot in the leg.

Mo3, a rapper affiliated with Boosie Badazz was shot and killed in Dallas, Texas last Wednesday in a brazen attack on interstate 25. Reports are that the rapper noticed he was being tailed so he fled in his vehicle which eventually met in a crash causing him to continue his escape on foot. According to the Dallas Police Department, Mo3 was killed at approximately 12 PM after the assailants caught up to him and opened fire.

A tribute was held for the rapper over the weekend which Lil Boosie attended. He was attacked while in a mall parking lot where there was a drive-by shooting.

Unfortunately, the Baton Rouge rapper was hit during the shooting incident causing many fans to usher themselves to his social media feed with positive and encouraging messages and sympathies. Boosie celebrated his birthday on Saturday which made it a bittersweet occasion as well.

While his condition was unclear for a while, Boosie returned to Instagram today to let fans know that he is doing just fine and thank them for their support. “I’m good appreciate all the happy birthdays wishes & get well soon wishes,” Boosie wrote on his Instagram story. “I love y’all.” In a second post, Boosie Badazz promoted some new artists, encouraging his fans to give an ear to their material.

Fans have continued to offer their prayers and support while they hold out hope that Boosie will have a speedy recovery.