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Rick Ross Roast Tory Lanez Again Plans To Send Him Smart Car

Rick Ross is going in on Tory Lanez on the Gram.

Canadian rapper Tory Lanez is currently sitting on the brink of cancellation, at least for some folks, following the release of his album DAYSTAR sometime last month. Hip Hop big-timer Rick Ross was among the lot not feeling the album which Tory used to claim his innocence in the alleged July shooting of Megan Thee Stallion, who he was reportedly dating.

“Tory Lanez, poor decision brother, dropping that project, just out of respect for Breonna Taylor,” the Maybach Music boss said. Tory Lanez responded to Ross, explaining that he was on the frontlines protesting “9 days strait for Breonna Taylor” in his city, yet the Wing Stop champ was never spotted anywhere on the lines. He also called out Ross for promoting his businesses while mentioning Breonna Taylor’s name. However, Tory’s response did not faze the business mogul, who decided one of the best ways to clown the rapper was by taking a shot at his height.

“I got a gift for your album release, homie,” said Ross while showing off a small, white Smart car. “That’s you. Heard your sh_t just went double acrylic on DatPiff.”

Rick Ross/IG

It turns out Tory could actually use the ride and had no problem in asking for the gift he was promised below one of Rozay’s recent posts.

“So like ….. are u ACTUALLY going to send me that smart car big fella?” he asked.

We are unsure of Rozay initially forgot about his promise; however, he gave Tory his word that he would have it over as quickly as possible. Of course, the moment would not pass without Ross taking a jab at Lanez. This time he did so with a recurring joke about Tory’s hair. “I just got word Tory Lanez waiting on his mini car,” Rozay said. “Well Tory, I apologize. I’m getting it wrapped for you. I gotta go tell the man that’s wrapping it to push the hairline back six inches.”

Showing that he meant business, Rick Ross dropped by the shop handling the custom work for the small cars. He told his handler to speed things up while outlining just where the logo for Tory’s label would be placed. “And I f**k with little man. I like little man.”

However, it seems Tory was not up for all the customizations, calling out Rozay for what he saw as time-wasting. “Sounds like you buying time big fella. I live down the block from u. Just gimme da car already. And please don’t get no lemon pepper on my seats brotherman,” Tory joked.

Ross has seemingly ordered quite a few of the mini-cars to get around his massive estate. Therefore gifting Lanez one shouldn’t be a problem.