Ishawna Triggered Dover Magnum With Cardi B’s “WAP Freemix” Raw Dancehall Version

Ishawna left Dovey Magnum triggered after dropping an explicit remix of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP.”

It seems Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s new single “WAP” has become a beacon for all the freaks to step forward, and Jamaican bad gal, Ishawna has “entered the chat.” With this, we extend an explicit content warning. The track was released on Thursday, August 6th, at midnight. The track was a collaborative effort by rappers Cardi and Thee Stallion. Since being released, the track has caused outrage among conservatives who note the track as vulgar, derogative and degrading to women. The Bronx rapper, however, has defended her track as women empowerment as it features a slew of female artistes such as Normani, Mulatto, Rubi Rose, and Sukihana. Still, many have been rendered uncomfortable by the extremely explicit and provocative lyrics.

In the midst of the world going crazy over the track, Jamaicans on social media are laughing at the situation using memes to basically state that if Cardi’s “WAP” is too explicit, then those folks couldn’t listen to dancehall music. It seems that this was now a challenge to see who could make the nastier remix, as dancehall legend Vybz Kartel burst out ahead of the pack with his own version “WAP Freemix.” The Teacha dropped his track yesterday and even had Cardi herself co-signing the clip.

Well, it seems good gyal Ishy was also ready and rearing to go as she set the place ablaze on Sunday evening, dropping off the nastiest version of the track so far, “WAP Refix.” Now Ishawna is no novice when it comes to freaky music. She is the queen of provocative lyrics that test the limits. Her song, “Equal Rights,” caused a massive controversy for its lyrics promoting cunnilingus, which is very taboo in Jamaican culture. However, Ishy has made her stance on breaking down barriers. Her remix of “WAP” is also one to make you wash your ears out with soap as she openly sings about oral sex, an orgy with a man, herself, Megan, and Cardi noting that Cardi would be going down on her while Megan gave the man head. It is almost too much to handle on one song.

“Pink tongue pan a big black c**k dung inna mi throat massage mi voice box / Box mi wid yuh c**ky pan mi jaw wap wap / Jamaican bad gyal enter di chat / Mi love siddung pan a badman face when him tongue inna mi h*le and gun inna him waist / Three wet p**sy is better than one mek Cardi s**k mi and Megan s**k yuh john / from yuh say freak yuh call mi name mi nahve nuh shame,” she sings unapologetically.

Ishawna also edited the original cover art with Cardi and Meg sticking their tongues out and added herself in the middle with a picture of herself performing at the recent Reggae Sumfest event. Ishawna is quite tantalizing with her tongue out and a pink wig to match. While fans are loving the track, fellow dancehall artiste Dovey Magnum fired shots at Ishy as she claims that she is the one that set the trend for oral sex.

Immediately after Ishawna dropped the remix, Dovey took to her Instagram page to pen this message, “Mi glad now you a open yuh mouth now so dem know you been eating d**k mi set trend dem copy!! n I said wtf I said!!! Mi real bad bloodk**t gyal unu badmind mi fe mi d**k s*cking skills!”

She captioned the post, “Like I been said !! YALL BADMIND MI THROAT !! Unu CHAT mi go and CUM ! Now look at all YOU s*cking D**KS NOW ! F**king #ROOKIE MI BEEN A TELL UNU FE EAT D**K ! And swallow e boy b*lls ! AND a #WAP UNU BELIEVE F**kA unu now !!! D**K SUCKING R US! But it nuh fit everyBaddy #bawloutnation.”

Although Dovey has regarded her nemesis as “badmind,” her words have backfired as fans have begun to attack her while simultaneously pointing out that Lisa Hyper was the first artiste to openly sing kinky songs. One user commented, “Dovey a baaaay Yuh vex cuz you couldn’t find the verses to do a remix. Hush gwan siddung lil gal with u nursery rhymes. Lil miss Red riding hood is on Go ishy go.”

Ishawna and Dovey Magnum have a long-standing feud, and it seems we’ll now be privy to another battle round if Ishawna decides to fire back. Hopefully, she’ll be too busy counting her millions from OnlyFans to care.