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Koffee Eyes Second Reggae Grammy As She Readies New Album

Koffee has her eyes on a second reggae Grammy with her upcoming sophomore album.

Koffee’s incredible talent is matched only by the pint-sized crooner’s larger than life work ethic. Making history in the public sphere three times this year isn’t enough for the young star, and she’s already working on a full-length LP, hoping to grace the Grammy stage as a winner once more. Even the rave reviews of her hopeful, liberating tracks “Pressure” and the record-breaking “Lockdown” haven’t made her complacent or slowed her roll. Still overwhelmed by her supernova success, Koffee’s keeping a level head these days and staying busy brewing big things for her eager fanbase.

Following up with her after her latest feat of a successful virtual performance at Reggae Sumfest 2020, The Star chatted with the lyrical crooner about her current itinerary. “I am doing a little camp right now, that’s just me and some musicians and producers and a few artistes. We just a build a vibes, seeing where that vibe takes us, and hopefully we create magic,” Koffee said. “The biggest thing for me right now is this album. Of course, I’ll be releasing singles in-between to kinda keep the pace a little, but the album is really where my focus is right now.”

Still reaping loads of success despite constraints in the entertainment sector, the “W” mastermind is actually tuning up other skills while the world remains locked down. She jumped in as co-director on the summer banger “Lockdown” and seemed pleased when quizzed on the experience. “I was working on the song, then we did the video and I was so involved. I wanted it to be just right. It was my first time directing so many parts of the video. I was focused on doing a good job and creating something I could be proud of, and I’m just glad people are feeling it and vibing to it,” Koffee said.

Like many of Jamaica’s musical success stories, Koffee’s sights are set on the international market. Proud Koffee converts include everyone from the Obamas to Lil Uzi Vert, and so far, she’s cemented herself as the future of reggae. Shooting for another trophy at next year’s ceremony to seal the deal, she added of her double Grammy ambitions, “it a go be problem, me a tell yuh straight.”