Koffee Drops Summer Banger “Lockdown” Visual With Popcaan, Dre Island & Skillibeng & More

Koffee comes through with a new summer banger “Lockdown” and the visual saw Popcaan, Dre Island, Skillibeng and more turning up.

Toast” to the Grammy kid Koffee for managing to keep details of her latest video on “Lockdown” despite keen speculation over leaked footage and photos. The brisk, upbeat track is the quarantine-and-chill tune we didn’t know we needed until it’s midnight release earlier today. The scenic and star-studded visuals are a nostalgic treat for those craving something social and sweet, complete with linkups, luxury cars, and gorgeous drone shots of the South Coast.

Cameos by industry mainstays Popcaan, Creep Chromatic, Skillibeng, Dre Island and Dane Ray contribute to an energetic vibes that show off Jamaica’s culture almost as well as it does the versatile empress.

Koffee’s been brewing this one for a bit as clips of the project have been in circulation since June with little clarity on the collaboration. Well worth the wait, the lyrical young queen oozes charisma over a bouncing guitar riff on this new summer banger. Typically the humblest in the room, the “W” mastermind becomes a bit more braggadocious, shooting her shot in quick-witted verses. While we’re locked in, trying to stay safe, the crooner would rather lockdown her would-be lover, constantly staying on their mind.

“Aye fancy, how yuh heart stay, it nah no vacancy?/ Last time see yuh pon FaceTime chatting up di place bout you nuh want relationship/ Me a go put you pon lock down/ Put yuh body pon lockdown/ You got me pon lock now/ You got my passion unlocked wow,” Koffee sings.

Filmed across a few locations, we get glimpses of the Spanish Town songstress’ playful antics in the island-set visuals—-cheffing, drop-top stunting, chilling everywhere from the streets to the beach and possibly starting a Popcaan led dance craze. Koffee never disappoints with her ital, infectious quality that’s sure to land the catchy chorus on the tip of everyone’s tongues.

“Where will we go when di quarantine ting done and everybody touch road/ Mommy, me go NASCAR/ Pull up in a fast car/ A nuh false start/ Mek you and di boss par/ I know you’re feeling me/ You know I’m feeling you/ So what now we fi do,” she sings.

Watch Koffee new video “Lockdown” below.