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DaniLeigh Addresses Criticism She Destroyed DaBaby Relationship With His Baby Mama

DaniLeigh is not here for accusations that she is a homewrecker when it comes to DaBaby.

The romance that blossomed between DaniLeigh and DaBaby during quarantine seems to be over, despite the fact that neither confirmed they were dating in the first place. Investigative fans pointed out that the artists, who worked together on the track “Levi High,” were probably in quarantine at the same location based on their IG posts. Last month they were spotted holding hands in Los Angeles, but the drama had already arisen with DaBaby’s baby mama, MeMe. The mother of his child alleged that DaniLeigh was obsessed with her and had blocked her on social media.

This week, the “Dominican Mami” singer wrote a post on her Insta Story about self-love and closure, stating that God will not allow things that are not meant for her and that she should give love to people who love her back equally. The cryptic wording led many to assume that she and the “Rockstar” rapper had called it quits. This did not stop those on Twitter condemning her for allegedly being a homewrecker. In response to one who claimed that she was aware that DaBaby was with MeMe, DaniLeigh said that she didn’t. The 25-year-old also emphasized that she doesn’t care what others think of her. “The world has more hate and would rather me be a woman that started something with someone that was “already in a relationship” so Idc at all lol,” she wrote.

DaBaby has not commented on the alleged break-up (or relationship for that matter) or the baby mama situation, but we hope DaniLeigh has achieved the healing she needs.