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MeMe Reacts To DaBaby And DaniLeigh Making Relationship Official

DaBaby and DaniLeigh have made their relationship official and now his baby mama MeMe is reacting.

Stop the speculation, because it seems like DaBaby and DaniLeigh might actually officially be in a relationship. Rumors of a romance between the pair first began to heat up last year as they worked together on DaBaby’s famous track, “Bop.” DaniLeigh choreographed the moves in the music video for the single that reached number eleven on the Billboard Hot 100, and the artists teamed up once again in March to release the joint track, “Levi High.”

During the height of the coronavirus pandemic, DaBaby and DaniLeigh — like many others — entered into quarantine to protect themselves and others from the deadly virus. Sleuthy fans picked up, however, that the rapper and Latina singer may have been socially isolating together. Taking a look at their respective five posts on social media, followers determined that they were, in fact, staying in the same hotel. Now, the evidence looks a little more concrete than the assumptions based on a few IG posts, as the possible couple has stepped out in Beverley Hills, arm in arm. When questioned about the dating rumors back in April, the “Easy” singer told Power 105.1, “I mean it is what it is. I know it comes with this life. I already know you post something, people just gon’ catch on I guess, so. I don’t know, it is what it is. I don’t really care.”

If DaniLeigh and DaBaby really are a thing, let’s hope she’s on good terms with his baby mama-to-be. The “Rockstar” rapper confirmed that he has a child on the way with an unnamed woman. DaniLeigh has already come to blows with DaBaby’s other ex, MeMe, who alleged that the 25-year-old is obsessed with her and had her blocked on social media.

MeMe insists that she’s living her best life and urged DeniLeigh to keep the same energy in real life.