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Yaya Mayweather Reacts To NBA YoungBoy Welcoming Two Babies In A Week

Yaya Mayweather is reacting to NBA YoungBoy growing his family by welcoming two baby girls in a week.

Rapper NBA Youngboy seems to have his sights set on being the youngest person with the most children. At only 20 years young, he is reported to have five children by four different women. Now within a matter of only a couple of days that number has once more climbed but in a very unusual manner.

Taking to her Twitter account, his ex-girlfriend Kaylyn Marie announced the birth of their baby girl, named, Kind Alice Marie Gaulden. I know what you’re thinking, what type of name is that? However, if you’re a big NBA YoungBoy fan the name will come as no shock to you. In his song titled, “Sky Cry,” which was released back in 2018 on his album “Decided” NBA rapped, “Have a daughter by choice, imma name her Kind.”

Now that bouncing baby girl is finally here. Kaylyn tweeted, “KAMG, 6/16/20, 12:43 The whole world stopped for you.” That post came at 7:06 pm on the 18th of June. In a weird twist that certainly upstaged Kaylyn’s announcement, NBA’s first baby mama Nisha also allegedly announced the birth of their baby girl. Mindblowing right?

According to TheShaderoom, Nisha thanked everyone for their congratulatory messages in a now-deleted Tweet. Her account has also been seemingly deleted from Twitter. That hasn’t stopped fans from making numerous comments on social media attempting to prove that she has, in fact, given birth to his second baby girl today. According to fans, NBA’s mom was also present in the delivery room when Nisha gave birth.

This has made for some hilarious punches from fans stating that he has “hood twins,” and many are now asking where is his wife Yaya Mayweather is in all of this. One user added, “go go go WHOSE NEXT,” as it is alleged that he has up to three other babies on the way.

With the birth of the two baby girls, it brings NBA’s child count to a whopping seven with five baby mothers. What seems to be a direct response to all the baby mama drama, Yaya made her presence known, answering fans’ queries by going Live on Instagram. Belting out the vocals to Beyonce’s “Best Thing I Never Had,” Yaya puts on quite an emotional show as she appears to be mere moments from breaking down into tears even with a heartbroken smile on her face.

“I say what goes around comes back around (Hey my baby), What goes around comes back around,” Yaya sings while reciting Beyonce’s lyrics. “There was a time I thought that you did everything right. No lies, no wrong. Boy I, must’ve been outta my mind. So when I think of the time that I almost loved you. You showed your ass and I, I saw the real you. Thank God you blew it. I thank God I dodged…”

She then took the time out to berate popular blog site TheShaderoom for posting the clip from her Live. On her Instagram Story, she wrote, “@TheShaderoom I’m not going to tell y’all goofy asses no more STOP POSTING ME!” Making fun of her recent arrest over the stabbing of one of his baby mamas, fans are now warning that Iyanna Mayweather is about to pull up on NBA with a knife.

In spite of all this cup-filled drama, we bid congratulations to NBA on the birth of his two baby girls.