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Kodak Black Celebrates 23rd Birthday With Legal Win, Judge Admits Major Error In Case

Kodak Black is celebrating his 23rd birthday with a big legal win as a judge admits major error in case.

Attorney for rapper Kodak Black wants him out of Big Sandy ASAP. Black’s lawyer recently took up arms against public authorities when he alleged that they conspired to arrest the rapper. Now he is clamping down on the system and seeing several legal wins in the process that have inched him closer to getting Kodak Black released from a maximum security state prison.

Bradford Cohen was furious with the system when he learned what his client Bill Kapri, who is more popularly known as Kodak Black, has been going through while incarcerated. In addition to privileges being taken from him, Kodak’s attorney revealed that the rapper was recently brutally attacked by more than half a dozen guards who beat him while he was in handcuffs. In May, Cohen filed a motion to have Kodak removed from the maximum security prison on the grounds that his criminal category was overstated.

According to Cohen, the Bureau of Prisons did not comply with the court agreeing to change Kodak’s criminal history category to a level two. Instead, it acted off of the Presence Investigation report that had him as a category three. It was for this reason that Kodak Black ended up at a U.S. penitentiary in Big Sandy, Cohen says. The attorney also noted that his client’s prior offenses mostly include drug possession, but while serving time at a maximum security prison, the rapper cannot enroll in the drug program that was court-ordered for rehabilitation.

Kodak will be able to go through the program in a lower security prison. His attorney Bradford Cohen told XXL Mag, “The reason why we filed a Rule 46—Motion to Correct Clerical Error—is because in the PSI, which is a Presentence Investigation Report, it listed his prior criminal history as a category level three, which obviously is more serious than a one, two, three is worse,” he explained. “But, they used a three in the PSI. The judge agreed with me at the time of sentencing that the level three overstates his criminal history because some of his priors were for like possession of under 20 grams of marijuana.”

He continued, “I argued essentially that those prior criminal history is pushing him into a higher criminal category, which makes it worse for him, right?” Cohen shared. “But at the same token, the criminal cases that they’re using to score him are possessions of marijuana that he’s got a withhold and court costs on.”

In addition to having his motion for Kodak Black’s criminal history being overstated granted, Cohen also spoke with State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle and her legal team about dropping the firearm charges against the rapper. Rundle agreed, and the federal gun charges that would have seen Kodak face up to 15 years in prison were dismissed. That means that Kodak can now enter into the required drug treatment and be held in a lower security prison.

It is expected that the rapper will be transferred soon if his lawyer continues to work assiduously towards it. We will keep you updated on this developing story.

Happy birthday Kodak.