Kodak Black Scores Big Legal Victory, Plans to Help Hurting Black Community

Kodak Black escapes years in prison after prosecutors dropped weapon charges against him.

Did Kodak Black just got a new lease on life? The 22-year-old rapper currently serving a 46-month prison sentence had several of the state and federal firearms charges against him dismissed, his attorney Bradford Cohen confirmed. Kodak was sentenced last year after falsifying a form to obtain firearms, a felony that carries a maximum prison sentence of 15 years.

Not only was the “possession of a firearm by a prohibited person” charge dismissed, but Mr. Cohen and the Florida State Attorney, Katherine Fernandez Rundle, negotiated for the rapper to be able to attend the prison’s drug treatment program. “They agreed that the fair thing to do was dismiss the case so he can attend drug treatment and a lower security prison,” the attorney said of their talks.

“The conversation we all had about [Kodak Black] wasn’t in regards to why I thought the case was good for me or why Mrs. Rundle felt the case was good for the State,” Kodak’s attorney said in a statement on Instagram. “It was about what was fair and how we could both help Bill get the court ordered rehabilitation treatment. I am hard on people I feel treat my clients unfairly, but I am also ready to admit when they do something not just right, but extraordinary in my opinion.”

Famous for the singles, “Wake Up in the Sky” and “Tunnel Vision,” Kodak Black is now able to apply some fresh focus to bettering himself, and wants to serve the African American community as well. He’s notably active on social media despite his incarceration and took to Twitter to express his indignation over George Floyd’s murder.

“Why does it take the death of George Floyd for people to recognize the inequality when it comes to treatment and reform. Fairness has been missing for decades. I want to help anyway I can even while incarcerated,” the rapper stated. Whether or not the intended assistance or activism materializes, its expected Kodak Black will make the most of this new path. In such a relentlessly bleak year, and even more taxing week, Kodak’s win is a welcome window of positivity.