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Alkaline Dominates Apple Music Chart With Top 3 Spots, Trends On YouTube

Alkaline is already making history on Apple Music Jamaica while he also leads on YouTube and Audiomack.

It has been over a month since Apple Music launched in Jamaica. Since then, fans have gradually been accessing the streaming service devoid of region restrictions, and they are loving it. Alkaline is one of the dancehall artistes who are seeing early success from the platform following his recent releases topping the chart.

The “Formula” deejay is the first dancehall artiste to occupy the top three positions on the Apple Music chart in Jamaica. He not only managed to earn the coveted No. 1 spot on the tally with his song “Ocean Wave,” which he just released new visuals for, but he also claimed the No. 2 position on the chart with his newest single “Cree” and the No. 3 spot with “Nah Fi Like,” which was released in April.

At the moment, Alkaline isn’t only dominating the Apple Music chart but also the YouTube trending chart. “Cree” has racked up over 1 million views since its release on May 23 and is currently the No. 2 trending video on YouTube in Jamaica as well. In addition to that, Alkaline is trending at No. 1 on the video platform with his latest music video for “Ocean Wave,” which surpassed the 750K mark in only 4 days since its debut while the original official audio has over 4 million views. “Nah Fi Like,” which is the third of the top 3 songs and one of the most buzzed-about recent releases from the deejay, has amassed over 2 million views on YouTube since April 20.

Over on Apple Music, Alkaline is also celebrating the comeback of his 2016 album New Level Unlocked, which seems to have garnered a renewed interest that has placed it at No. 2 on the Apple iTunes Reggae Albums chart as well. The resurgence of the album, which peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Reggae chart in 2016, makes it only second to Lila Iké’s new EP The ExPerience. Over on Audiomack, Alkaline has also overshadowed other new releases in the dancehall space with his latest single “Cree” that currently boasts close to half a million plays on the platform since its premiere.

The term “Champion Boy” has never been more fitting. Many said that his career was dead after he had seemed to slow down some recently, but Alka has proved doubters terribly wrong. With his recent releases, the deejay has made a historic chart-topping return.