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Alkaline Reflects On His Journey In “Ocean Wave” Video

Dancehall star Alkaline released a cinematic video, “Ocean Wave.”

Alkaline was in full reflection mode when he penned the lyrics for his single, “Ocean Wave,” and the visuals paints his story. The Vendetta leader linked up with Jahvy Ambassador back in March for the new single, and now we have some visuals to pice the lyrics together. After being in the game for close to a decade, Alka has cemented his place as one of the leading acts of this generation.

The KDVISUALS and Troyton Rami Music-directed video saw a teenage boy sneaking into his mother’s room while she’s sleeping to grab some newspaper clippings. “Huge wave hits South East of Jamaica,” one of the headlines read while another said, “High level of Alkaline found in the water at impact site.” In another clip, Alk spits the lyrics for the track while standing beside a Lamborghini, donning a white Givenchy hoodie and skinny jeans.

“All over the world them a wave me banner/Fans a come and support me honor/Badmind a wonder wha’ so special with da man yah/Tidal wave, you no safe under the cabana/We a create big wave and a flood the whole place/If me no mek it out, show the kids me face,” Alka deejay.

Clearly, the Young Lawd is highlighting the tidal wave-like impact his life and career has had on the dancehall industry over the past couple of years. A piece of the newspaper clippings highlighted the month and year December 1993, the same month and year that the deejay was born. One of the clippings also states that a mysterious baby was found after impact. It’s clear that the deejay put a lot of thoughts behind the lyrics of the song and the concept of the video.

Some fans may argue that he has fallen off a bit from the heights he was 2-3 years ago. Nevertheless, Alkaline has managed to maintain a consistent presence on dancehall airwaves with a consistent supply of new music. There are also talks that he is working on a new project, but so far nothing conclusive has been released from his camp about the planned project.