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Vybz Kartel Drops Cinematic “Life Giver” Video, A Tribute To His Baby Mama

Vybz Kartel teamed up with Warrior Films for a cinematic visuals for “Life Giver.”

The moving ode to his baby mother(s) became one of the most-streamed Vybz Kartel tracks for Mother’s Day, May 10. The newly released mini-movie is a testament to the song’s ability to be played all year round as we salute the women in our lives. The skit revolves around a notorious gambler who runs into a girl who he knew from high school. They eventually hit it off after a date, becoming a couple shortly after.

A truly picturesque view of the ocean provides the perfect sense of serenity and tranquillity for Tash to reveal to Charles that she is pregnant. The scene is equally moving and realistic, as the actor who plays the character of Charles, is first surprised, but then utters the perfect line, “babes it ago be alright.”

From here on out Charles dedicates his entire being to making Tash conformable, no matter what odd job he has to take on. After 9 months, Tash erupts into labor as Vybz Kartel’s moving rendition to motherhood plays in the background. She is rushed to hospital by Charles, where she delivers a healthy baby boy. Sadly, the story does not have a completely happy ending because it is later revealed that Tash died.

Fans are truly appreciative of the work that went into the production of both the song and the visuals. “Hey hope all is well with everyone and their loved ones. This was so touching, great job Vybz Kartel and the entire production of this video both in front and behind the cameras. Big up Rollesoeasy same way, strength is strength, you did a good job. Remain humble, blessings,” commented one viewer.

Another comment pointed out the fact that Vybz Kartel’s son, Likkle Addi, is gearing up to welcome his son into the world. “This song is perfect timing due to the fact that his little son is about to be a father and him a grandfather. blessings.”

The official music video for “Life Giver” can be streamed below.