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Vybz Kartel’s Baby Mama Sherika Todd Looks Just Like Rihanna, Gaza Fans Are Shook

Vybz Kartel’s baby mama Sherika Todd could be Rihanna’s twin sister and Gaza fans are shook.

The recently concluded Mother’s Day saw many of dancehall’s biggest talents wishing both their moms and the mother of their kids on social media. One of the most talked-about shares for the day went to one of the most controversial deejays in the game, Vybz Kartel. The Worlboss drew the attention of over 29,000 individuals when he shared an image of Sherika Todd, the mother of Adianna. Addi kept the caption quite simple when he wrote a few heart emojis alongside, “Happy Mothers Day @sherika_21 @adi_girlboss”.

Shortly after the post went live, persons immediately noticed her close resemblance to Barbadian pop bombshell Rihanna. “I thought that was Riri,” commented one Instagram user. Another wrote, “Me swear a Rihanna, she look nice yasso bad.”

While the post seems quite cordial and sweet, things were far from smooth back in 2007, when Vybz Kartel and Sherika severed ties. According to a 2007 report published in The Star, things escalated to a feverish point, and she made a decision to file an official complaint at the Runaway Bay police station.

“I made the report Monday of this week and I called them (the police) this morning again because he (Kartel) sent me another text saying he’s on his way, obviously to my house and he has no reason to come here, he knows that much,” she mentioned in 2007.

She continued, “Everything has been on and off, we argue every now and then and I told him that I don’t want us to be together anymore and that’s when he started to threaten me that he was not going to take care of the child and like him goin kill mi, cause him a sey me know wa him capable of, cause mi deh roun him long enough.”

At the time, Sherika lamented that she only wanted the Worlboss to take care of his then 7-month-old daughter. However, the 4-year-old relationship they shared was over.

“I have a daughter to live for. I just don’t want to be with him (Kartel) anymore,” were her exact words. “He (Kartel) has always wanted me to have a child for him. I was pregnant once for him, I was carrying twins, but I met in a car accident and I lost them in April of last year. I got pregnant for him again and I have a child for him now.”

Just a month ago, Vybz Kartel released a track in tribute to his lovely daughter. “Adianna” has since clocked over 1 million views since its release on April 01, 2020.

Vybz Kartel also shared images of Tanesha’ Shorty’ Johnson, the mother of three(3) of his seven(7) kids.

He released the track “Life-Giver” for all the wonderful women in his life approximately 5 days before the big day.