Dancehall Artistes Vybz Kartel, Mavado, Aidonia, Koffee Honored Their Mothers On Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and artists in the dancehall community are celebrating the first women in their lives.

Dancehall artists are showing love to their moms today on social media with several heartfelt tribute posts. From Konshens to Vybz Kartel to Aidonia, everyone has a mother or has helped make a woman into one. Konshens took to Instagram to share several photos of his first daughter’s mother, his own mother and his wife and daughter of his son. Alongside the photo of his first baby’s mother, Konshens wrote, “Well… i can say its never ever been Babymomma drama. Sadly, Nuff man cyaa seh dat. Big up mi daughter mom Shauna. Happy mothers day.”

The deejay also posted a throwback photo of his mother and siblings posed abroad. “Winny an her 3 bwoy dem,” he wrote. “We visit her inna farin when she fly out fi guh look it fi we against the odds. Nuh matter how things turn out im ALWAYS grateful for the sacrifices mommy and i know ALL a dem even the ones u think i dont know. Love you mommy. Happy mothers day.”

Saving the best for last, in some regard, Konshens shared a picture of his wife Latoya with his two kids. “We planned and executed Liam conception to perfection, down to the city in the world where he was born,” the deejay wrote. “Dats why him full a swag and confidence suh, him mek inna a fashion capital… from him touch earth is like me a watch a “how to be the best mommy” tutorial. U been crushing it.”

He also added a sweet note about his wife doting on his first daughter from his previous relationship. “And how you love Sajhi an she love you from the first day is one thing wah mi neva need reassurance bout no matter what going on,” he said. “Happy mothers day Latts. Thank you.”

Mavado also posted photos to commemorate the day first with him and his mother, then with his wife and kids – but unlike Konshens, he kept it short. “Happy Mother’s Day. my First Lady I love you,” he wrote alongside the first post of him giving his mom a kiss on the cheek. He then captioned the second post, which was a video of his wife in bed with their two kids, “Happy Mother’s day beautiful Wife.”

Aidonia shared a post of him and his family to Instagram as well. However, it wasn’t a picture of his immediate family but rather one of his siblings surrounding the matriarch. The setting had an adorable after-dinner family photo type vibe. “Happy mothers day to all the beautiful mothers out there! #GODBLESS,” the 4th Genna Boss wrote with the post.

Though Vybz Kartel has promised to stay off the ‘gram he couldn’t resist unleashing a number of photos on Instagram today. He shared a throwback video of his song “Mama,” which was produced over a decade ago and also a photo of his mom with his kids. In addition to that, the incarcerated deejay also shared a photo paying tribute to the sons’ mother and his longtime partner Shorty, as well as his daughter’s mother Sherika.

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One fan peeped how Kartel’s tributes started off with Shorty’s deceased mother, who the dancehall mogul says he thinks about every day, but the next post was a very sexy photo of his other baby’s mother. In the comments, the fan wrote, “Dwl Kartel full a style.” The deejay co-signed the remark by liking the comment and replying with the blushing smile emoji.

We were all brought into this world by a mother, and she is worth celebrating. My heart goes out to the ones experiencing this Mother’s Day without theirs. Whether you are a mother, were a mother, or are about to be one, today, we celebrate you!

Koffee also shared a photo of herself and her lovely mother, while sending out Happy Mother’s Day wishes.

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Happy Mother’s Day ?

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Happy mothers day to my 3 Favourite mom!!!! Pic 1. My mommy P love of my life, only person that believe in me? Love you mommy wish i was there with you but such is life. Pic 2. Kookie gave me the best gift in life and we been friends ever since love you and thank you for always being there for my family and most of all giving me XZANDER ??? Pic 3. Chinsea for bringing her son RAJEIRO into mine life at 3months old and allowing me to be a father figure for him ??? raj a me second son not by blood but by love and time we have spent together. ??? Big up to all 3 mommy I love u all endlessly and u 3 have made my life better in so many ways so have a great day!!! ??? And for all mother out there big up and have a glorious day!!!!???

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