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Tekashi 6ix9ine Sets New Instagram Live Record, Here’s How Tory Lanez Reacted

Tekashi 6ix9ine clocked over 2 million people on Instagram Live breaking the previous record set by Tory Lanez.

Whether you want to label him as Snitch9ine or 6ix9ine, that rainbow-colored hair rapper from Queens New York has done the impossible by securing his spot, not only as the King of New York but also as the King of Instagram after a LIVE session on the platform. Just a month ago, the 300,000 viewers shared between Canadians Drake and Tory Lanez seemed like a monumental number. However, according to popular blogger, DJ Akademiks, that number was smashed by a Hispanic musician who amassed a hefty total of 380,000 views. History has now been rewritten as in true Tekashi 6ix9ine style, the recently freed rapper dwarfed those numbers by pulling in a whopping 2 million viewers to his stream.

Not only did this ask questions of Instagram, whose platform buckled under the pressure of over half a million viewers during the legendary verzuz clash between Teddy Riley and BabyFace, but also questioned if there was that much love for the rapper who snitched on his fellow gang members.

Clearly, numbers don’t lie, and legit comments in support of his actions don’t either, especially as the rapper spoke on what happened and why he ratted on his crew who expected loyalty from him but sent none his way.

Among his topics covered during the LIVE included his supposed addressing of Lil TJay and other rappers looking to take a jab at his kingship. He asked, “Why ya think ya can compete with me? And I ratted stoopid STILL the king you mad.” Meek Mill’s name appeared heavily in the comments, as he also spoke out on Tekashi 6ix9ine glorifying snitching mere hours before the LIVE aired.

In what can now be seen as the silencing of his critics, the “Gummo” rapper continued to troll his competitors. His most recent post took a snippet from his newly released song and video titled “GOOBA,” which has already secured 472,261 views at the time this article was written.

“IMAGINE LOSING TO THIS NI**A. LINK IN MY BIOOOOOOO WE BROKE THE INTERNET. I’ll be mad too,” he captioned the controversial exert.

Tory Lanez injected some humor in his reaction to the news of Tekashi 6ix9ine setting a new Instagram Live record. “I was looking at that 2 mil like… WELP… Ima head out,” Lanez wrote. The Canadian singer/rapper added, “Lolol we not actually stopping quarantine radio, but it was great holding the record when we had it.”