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Rihanna Ignores Drake On IG Live, Roast Kevin Durant For Getting Coronavirus

Drake is standing up for his mate Kevin Durant — even against his former lady Rihanna who is roasting the NBA player.

Kevin Durant is one of the many high-profile individuals who have contracted Coronavirus. As it stands, there are more than 738,000 cases around the world, with the United States being the worst hit country with over 142,000. Durant is one of four Nets players to be tested positive for COVID-19, and his diagnosis put Drake at risk as well. The pair was spotted hanging out just a week before the sportsman found out he was a member of the Corona club. After hearing that his friend was infected, the “When to Say When” rapper took deep into his Toronto home to self-isolate.

Although Drake came out Coronavirus-free, as he informed his father, he has been staying in like the rest of the world and has been taking to Instagram to keep himself occupied. DJs have been making sure the boredom stays at bay by playing sets via IG Live, and celebs have been tuning in as they realize it’s the place to be.

Kevin Durant, Drake, and Rihanna were all hanging out at DJ Spade’s quarantine club, and the “Needed Me” singer decided to poke some fun at the patient. “Is KD allowed in here?” she asked in the comments. “Should I wear a mask to live?” A few more mask digs flew Durant’s way, but he didn’t take it to heart, playfully replying, “Yo Robyn didn’t u just come from Europe?”

The banter continued as the Barbados native said, “Been in your dump a** county last 2 months.”

“That rona was lurking over there in December,” KD quipped. It was at this point that Drizzy decided to get in the circle. Don’t forget, after all, that his heart has pined for RiRi for as long as we can remember… “We have to dead the treyfive corona jokes,” he wrote in a comment that had envy written all over it. The remark received crickets from the other two. Awkward.

In another exchange that took place later, Drake teased Rihanna about not releasing her new album yet, and she shot back by calling the Canadian thirsty.

If you ever wanted to be invited to a celebrity party to see what conversations go down, now’s the time to be alive.