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50 Cent Distastefully Trolls Kevin Durant After Testing Positive For Coronavirus

50 Cent trolling on Instagram reached an all-time level of “no f***s given.”

Moments after Kevin Durant revealed that he was tested positive for Coronavirus, 50 Cent posted the below meme trolling him over it. While the NBA player might not be at high risk of the virus being fatal, at least 100 people have lost their lives to the deadly disease in the United States and claimed the lives of close to 8000 more people worldwide. So you can understand why some folks found this post from Fifty offensive, even if he meant for it to be funny.

“Got Damn man got my boy KD @easymoneysniper get some meds and chill. #abcforlife,” 50 wrote while promoting his new TV show, For Life. While a lot of his followers found the post funny, there was an equal amount who expressed anger at the fact that the rap superstar is taking a life and death situation so lightly.

As for Kevin Durant, he is among four members of the Brooklyn Nets team who were tested positive for Coronavirus, ESPN reported. KD assured fans that he is doing okay and urged everyone to be careful. “Everyone be careful, take care of yourself and quarantine,” he said. “We’re going to get through this.”

50 Cent himself was at a club last weekend in New York City after the first cases of the virus surfaced. He has since revealed that he will be self-quarantine for the near future in hopes of preventing himself from contracting COVID-19. The G-Unit chief recently premiered his new show, For Life, on ABC, and it has been getting some positive feedback so far. He also has a couple spinoffs of Power coming to Starz with production well underway. It’s unclear if the coronavirus outbreak will delay the premiere of any of those shows.