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Cardi B Bashes U.S. Government For Poor Response To Coronavirus Quarantine

Cardi B

Cardi B is continuing to speak her mind on the coronavirus pandemic and is fed up with being quarantined.

Nobody knows what to think these days amid the coronavirus pandemic and the extreme measures we have all been asked to take to slow the spread of the illness, but plenty of people are full of conspiracy theories to explain the origin of the crisis and the government’s handling of the situation. Cardi B is one of many who have taken to social media to vocalize their concerns, with her latest post questioning the American response to the pandemic.

During her Instagram Live session over the weekend, Cardi ranted, “Y’all seen that Wuhan, China right now, the coronavirus cases is going lower. But that’s because when they quarantined people, they were spraying sh*t in the streets. They were knocking on each door, taking people’s temperature and everybody that had the coronavirus, they were like doing strict quarantine on them.”

Cardi went on to question the government’s role in stopping the virus, asking, “While we’re quarantining at home, what is the government doing? Is y’all spraying sh*t in the streets? Is y’all gonna start taking our temperatures? How am I supposed to know if I have the coronavirus?”

Cardi went further into conspiracy theories, even suggesting that the government may be paying public figures to say they have the virus.  But even in the midst of her skepticism she has managed to donate towards families that have been affected by the pandemic.

The “I Like It” rapper has been talking with her fans more than usual lately as everyone practices social distancing. Cardi has managed to make tons of viral moments out of the situation with her Coronavirus rant remix and she even asked someone at the Pentagon to give her a call and let her know what is really going on.

The Bronx MC also made time to clap back at a fan who questioned her intelligence and knowledge of the virus on Twitter over the weekend, saying “FYI 2 weeks ago I watched a 45 minute documentary on YouTube on the build up of the Coronavirus in wuhan. They even turn stadiums into temporary hospitals. Knockin on people door testing people and now the doc is gone .Maybe you should educate yourself b4 u even try me.”

Cardi is no stranger to speaking out on public and political issues, and we are looking forward to more of her commentary for the culture.