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Cardi B’s “Coronavirus Rant” Remix By DJ Snake Went Viral

Offset and Cardi B

Stuck in quarantine? No problem. DJ Snake has your latest jam to listen to.

Cardi B has released a new single without even realizing it, as her “Coronavirus Rant” gets a remix by DJ Snake and quickly going viral. Like the rest of the entire world, the “Money” rapper is feeling the effects of the coronavirus. The global pandemic has everyone’s anxiety levels at a higher notch than usual, and Cardi took to her Instagram to let fans know that even she is fearful.

“Lemme tell y’all motherf****** something, don’t know what this coronavirus about. I don’t understand how that s*** was from Wuhan, China, and now that s*** is on motherf****** tour. I ain’t gonna front. A b**** is scared, I’m a little scared,” she said in the video posted on IG. “If you’re wondering why your motherfu**in’ weave or your Fashion Nova packages haven’t arrived, guess what b****, coronavirus! I’m telling you, s*** is real.”

With Cardi B being the animated Bronx lady that she is, you can trust that she did not deliver her thoughts sitting down looking solemnly at the camera. Dressed in a long mesh dress, the 27-year-old rapper waved her long blue nails around as she included her signature Cardi sound effects. DJ Snake obviously realized that there was some material there as he remixed the video into a banging new single. The original clip had 18 million views, but the remix is getting up there with 800,000 already.

Cardi B and DJ Snake have collaborated together in the past, with their 2018 single with Selena Gomez, “Taki Taki,” reaching 11th place on the Billboard Hot 100. Their relationship could be part of the reason why Cardi did not only not take offense to the remix but realized it was a jam! “I’m boutta tell Atlantic to put this song on Spotify,” she wrote on Twitter.

We co-sign!