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Future Called Out Alleged Baby Mama Eliza For ‘Check Baby’, She Claps Back

Future is calling out his alleged baby mama once again, this time by accusing her of entrapping him with a “check baby.”

In case you are unaware, the “Life Is Good” rapper is already a father to six kids by six different women. But there is a good chance that Future has two more children, according to a pair of women who claim that he fathered their offspring. Eliza Seraphin is adamant that her sexual affair with the artist resulted in her daughter, Reign, while Cindy Renae Parker believes that Futch is the father of her son, Legend. The women, who hail from Florida and Texas, respectively, ran a DNA test on their children which stated that there is a 99.9% chance of them being brother and sister.

Seraphin has been determined to prove her daughter’s paternity, approaching the courts to make Future accountable. In return, Future attempted to place a gag order against her as he claims that she is defaming him through her various social media posts, such as her campaign for deadbeat dads. The 35-year-old further alleges that Seraphin is mentally unstable and fabricated the entire saga, which ties into his latest accusation.

Future and Eliza Reign

Referring to the 9-month-old as a “check baby”, Future claims that that is the term with which the mother calls her own child. Legal documents submitted by the rapper state that the phrase is “slang terminology describing a child conceived solely for the purposes of extorting monies from the father of a child in the child support setting,” effectively alleging that Seraphin got pregnant just to extract financial gain from him, TMZ reported.

He supports this allegation by claiming that Seraphin even researched how much he pays his other baby mamas in child support and took fertility medication in order to get pregnant. If you’re questioning where these charges come from, Future says Seraphin’s friend revealed as much in an online interview.

Eliza Seraphin is now denying the allegations saying that she has never referred to her baby as a “check baby.” “And for the record, I have never referred to Reign as a ‘check baby,’ she wrote on IG Story. “Others who dislike me have. People can make claims all day but that’s a bit much. I love my baby and it shows. And that’s all ima say.”