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Future’s Alleged Baby Mama Eliza Takes More Shots At Him On IG

The war of words is continuing between Future and his alleged baby mama.

For the past few months, Eliza Seraphin has been determined to prove that the “Life is Good” rapper is the father of her daughter. Seraphin is one of two women who claim that they had sexual relations with Future that resulted in them getting pregnant. Seraphin gave birth to Reign in April last year, while Cindy Renae Parker welcomed her son Legend in July. Despite the women being in Florida and Texas, respectively, the mothers met up to conduct a DNA test on their kids, which stated that there was a 99% chance that they are siblings.

Regardless of scientific evidence, Future has vehemently denied any involvement in the children’s paternity. The 35-year-old, who is already a father to 6 other children by six different women, has refused to undergo a paternity test for Reign despite Seraphin’s approaching the courts and instead has attempted to have a gag order placed on her while alleging that she fabricated the entire story as she is mentally unstable and wants to blackmail him with false information about their sexual affair.

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For her part, Seraphin is not giving up without a fight. The Florida woman has started a campaign to have absent fathers own up to their responsibilities entitled “1-800-DEADBEAT” and recently posted a meme on IG which read, “Your biggest hater is never a stranger… it be your own babydaddy.” Although no names were mentioned, it doesn’t take rocket science to work out who she was referring to.

While Futch deals with his legal matters, he is still trying to treat the actual woman in his life right. Just last week, the artist went all out by decorating Lori Harvey’s mansion in rose petals and long-stemmed versions of the flower for Valentine’s Day.