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Meek Mill Declares The Death Of Wack Music In 2020

Meek Mill
Meek Mill

Meek Mill has some great music plans for his fans this year.

Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill‘s Dream Chasers record label has been a success so far with talents like Yung Ro doing so well. Meek has also been working on his own music which he promises will have more substance. Just this month, Meek Mill released a new song with Justin Timberlake called “Believe.” The inspiring new track is an uplifting anthem that comes from a genuine place rather than that of vanity which has become more frequent in hip-hop music.

Meek Mill himself has been guilty of talking about his foreign cars, icy jewelry and luxury bachelor pads himself but the rapper says he is done with music that has no meaning. Meek took to Twitter to proclaim the end of trash music for 2020. “This year wack music will perish,” he tweeted.

After a social media trolling feud with his ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj, it seems Meek was headed down the wrong path for a minute there but it looks like rapper knows what he’s about. Meek Mill has a lot to look forward to this year with his label producing some pretty great artists as he releases his own material as well. The Philly rapper also has a baby on the way with his partner Milano, CEO of Milano De Rouge and Philadelphia native as well.

The social media era has made music much more accessible for fans and much more marketable for artists. That being said, it’s great that Meek Mill has found purpose to promoting the right messages through song. We can’t wait to hear what else he has planned for 2020.