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Kehlani Ether Joe Budden For Trolling Her YG Breakup Anthem

Kehlani isn’t too happy that Joe Budden is laughing at her breakup anthem made for YG.

Kehlani and YG have been going through it, and their most recent songs have let everyone in on the details of their on-and-off relationship. First, the couple released “Konclusions” last week on Valentine’s Day, announcing that the relationship was solid. Unfortunately, only three days later, Kehlani dropped the track “Valentine’s Day (Shameful)” on which she details her split from the Compton rapper and laments her choice to go public with their relationship. “I took a risk loving loudly, defended you proudly/Ignored all the signs, yeah, it’s true,” she sings.

Now, it seems Kehlani has a bone to pick with Joe Budden after he took it upon himself to make fun of her for making the vulnerable track on The Joe Budden Podcast.

On the latest episode of the show, Joe and his co-hosts criticize the breakup track and Kehlani’s fickle emotions. Joe says, “Somebody explain the woman’s brain to me. You were immature three days ago?” The hosts go on to laugh over some specific lines in the song, even going so far as to call Kehlani a liar. Taking to Twitter to respond to the shade she’d been thrown, Kehlani wrote, “Joe Budden is a joke” before taking the Tweet down.

Kehlani then responded directly to Budden by replying to one of his Tweets, while chewing him out for not just laughing at her, but also spreading misinformation. Budden tried to play it cool by commenting back, “We love you, it’s jokes…feel better,” but then went on to not-so-subtly call her out in a follow-up post that read, “I’m bout sick of you artists…never a peep through years of praise but wanna jump outta windows when you hear something you don’t like… newsflash, I am not friends with you n****s.”