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Kehlani & YG Draws Their “Konclusions” While Celebrating Their Love

Kehlani and YG are letting all their feelings out in one epic collaboration.

Love is really in the air this Valentine’s day and artists are making it known too. L.A. rapper YG and his songstress girlfriend, Kehlani released a new song together and they’re raw and honest with their emotions on the track. The artists who are actually a couple in real life, debuted their new song “Konclusions” today (Feb 14) and fans are eating it up.

“Do you f**k wit me how I f**k with you? / Is your love for me bulletproof? / If I f**k on a b**ch, is you goin’ f**k on a dude? / Is we goin’ play monkey see monkey do,” YG raps on the track.

Kehlani assured her man that she is there for him when her vocals emerged. “When I say I love you, that means I love you / No matter what conclusion we come to,” she sings.

YG has faced some controversy lately for allegedly cheating on Kehlani again after he was spotted getting a little too close to an unidentified woman at a party. However, the rapper addressed the rumors in the song as well.

“I had us lookin’ crazy in front of the club / That cameraman got me f***ed up,” raps YG. “Even thought it wasn’t what they said it was / Red roses down your hallway lead you to your tub,” YG raps.

Kehlani and YG have been dating since 2019. They went public a few months after they both welcomed newborns into the world by other people. Check out their first collaboration together “Konclusions” now.

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