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R. Kelly’s Ex Azriel Clary Working With Feds To Help Build Case

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R. Kelly’s former girlfriend is now working with authorities to bring him down.

Azriel Clary, R. Kelly’s ex-girlfriend, is now cooperating with federal authorities to build a case against the incarcerated singer who is facing charges related to accusations of abuse and sexual assault. The 22-year-old, who once vehemently defended Kelly, is now claiming she was brainwashed and is ready to discuss her alleged abuse and mistreatment while living at Kells’ house.

Last month, Azriel and Joycelyn Savage, another girlfriend of Kelly’s, were caught on video fighting outside of the “Trapped in the Closet” singer’s condo in Chicago’s Trump Tower as Azriel attempted to remove her belongings. Now Azriel is ready to flip on her ex, but still fears the legal ramifications and potential danger involved in betraying R. Kelly.

According to TMZ, Azriel was considering working with the feds for some time but was worried she would face repercussions after having lied to authorities in the past. Now, however, it seems Clary is ready to talk and feeling confident in her ability to take back control of her life after cutting all ties with Kelly and reconnecting with her estranged family.

Legal trouble is not the only issue Clary and her family have to worry about, however, as they have been subjected to death threats and online harassment since she turned her back on her famous ex. Prosecutors in the trial are reportedly monitoring threats directed at Azriel and her family to ensure their safety, but Clary claims she is no longer intimidated.

Azriel has reportedly moved back in with her parents and is focusing on helping Kelly’s other victims as well as all victims of domestic abuse. R Kelly’s attorney spoke with TMZ about these new developments, saying that he is not surprised by Azriel’s decision, but that “…you can’t get in the way of love… Rob’s love for her.”