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R. Kelly’s Girlfriend Joycelyn Savage Arrested After IG Live Fight With Azriel Clary

R.Kelly’s girlfriends got into a fight — and now one of them is facing charges.

Whew, chile! Things have gone from bad to worse between R. Kelly‘s longtime girlfriends Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage following their live social media brawl. According to TMZ, Joycelyn surrendered to Chicago police late Wednesday night after the fight in Kelly’s condo, and was booked on misdemeanor battery charges. Azriel told law enforcement she was punched in the face with a closed fist and her eye swelled up, which sent her to the hospital.

Wednesday evening Urban Islandz reported on a series of videos posted to Instagram, where Joycelyn could be seen angrily confronting Azriel before a scuffle broke out between the two. However, it was during the brawl that Azriel dropped a major bombshell, yelling, “You were sleeping with me as a minor,” as the fight continued. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Azriel was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital following the Trump Tower brawl, where she was listed in good condition.

R Kelly MugshotAzriel said several times that she wanted charges filed against Joycelyn following the alleged attack, and also accused Joycelyn of other criminal conduct. In a later post, Azriel is seen telling officers that Joycelyn hit her with her phone while throwing repeat punches to her face causing bruises. Azriel claimed the altercation began when Joycelyn sent a woman by the name of “Kimberly” to collect her belongings from the apartment, however, Azriel did not agree to the arrangement of a “stranger” or “handler” coming to her residency and demanded Joycelyn be present.

Despite Azriel’s claims that Joycelyn attacked her, post from her Twitter indicates this fight may have been brewing long before the actual physical altercation ocurred. Early Wednesday afternoon, Azriel tweeted, “Today’s a good day to go to jail. I know where the skeletons are buried. You wanna play chess, let’s play (: for the entire world to see,” Azriel wrote.

In her Instagram Live she also revealed that she lied during her interview last year with Gail King who sat down with both girls to discuss their relationships with R. Kelly. At the time both girls swore their relationships were consensual and even added that they believed they were in love with him.

Today Azriel’s story changed:

“You know what? Rob has been lying to all y’all,” Azriel later admitted on her livestream. “And he had people like me lying for him. That’s why we never watched the documentary – that is exactly why. So we got on Gail King as stupid as can f—ing be…” Azriel said.

R-Kelly’s attorney Steven Greenberg vehemently denies the accusations and even shared with TMZ that he had a written statement from Azriel that says the opposite of what she’s alleging. “I have a statement written by Azriel that she provided to me, voluntarily, after Robert was already in jail, that said she never had sex with him when she was underaged.” Greenberg adds he believes that the fight between Azriel and Joycelyn Savage was “staged.”

TMZ caught up with Joycelyn’s parents who have been vocal advocates for bringing their daughter home and away from Kelly over the last few years. Her father, Tim, told the cameras after the fight that they are going to “keep praying” and follow up with their attorney. He then called the fight footage “sketchy.” “We should always blame it on the predator himself, R. Kelly,” he said.

The fight comes just days after Azriel told her followers she was moving out of Kelly’s condo into her own place. Joycelyn was scheduled to face a judge Thursday morning to lay out the ground rules for her release. She’s due back in court on Feb. 6. Azriel announced Joycelyn’s arrest on Twitter early Thursday morning and thanked her followers for their prayers.

Kelly remains held without bond at the Metropolitan Correctional Center downtown while he faces a litany of criminal charges in four jurisdictions in three states.

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TSR Staff: Thembi! @ThembiTV_ _____________________________________ Whew! Issa unwanted birthday gift for #RKelly as his rumored boo #AzrielClary just implicated him, and his other rumored boo, her alleged “sister wife” #JoycelynSavage _____________________________________ In the video, Azriel explains to the police what went down between her and Joycelyn, detailing how the fight started. Azriel boldly claims that Jocelyn “slept with a minor, and that minor was me.” _____________________________________ In the previous video we posted, Azriel goes on to say that “Rob [R. Kelly] has been lying to all of y’all, and has people like me lying for him…that’s why we never watched the documentary.” _____________________________________ Whew, happy birthday to that man.

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