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Love & Hip Hop: Olivia Returns To Bash Rich Dollaz For Stealing Her Money

Love & Hip Hop veteran Olivia has returned after a long hiatus, and she had some stuff to get off her chest.

This season of Love and Hip Hop: New York has been all about the OGs. We’ve seen Chrissy and Kimbella both made their way back to New York to handle unfinished business and mend friendships. On the latest episode, R&B singer Olivia made her first appearance on the show since season 3. In a sit down with Chrissy, the two hash out the issues between them that occurred over Chrissy’s long-time beef with Yandy. Chrissy said that she wanted loyalty, and Olivia felt like she didn’t want to be involved and tried to remain neutral.

The two quickly get into conversation about where Olivia has been the past few years. That is when she reveals that her mother recently passed away and that dealing with her death has been very difficult. However, now that she’s back in New York she is ready to work on her music career and get back in the game. But first, she says that she has unfinished business with her former manager Rich Dollaz.

Olivia drops a bombshell when she says that Rich stole money from her. She claims that Rich kept all of the money that the two of them made from the records, “All the Way” and “December”.

Later on near the end of the episode Olivia comes face to face with Rich, and she confronts him about allegedly stealing from her. She let him know that he really hurt here and says, “You broke my heart. I was so disappointed.” Rich immediately interrupts her and denies that he ever took anything from her and says she allowed other people to get in her head.

In her confessional she further explained what happened and says, “There was actual real money made from these records..or so I hear because I haven’t seen s**t. You don’t get all of the sales rich. You get a percentage and the rest goes to your artist…you and I were brother and sister and you did some b***h s**t.”

Rich continued to assert that he did nothing wrong, and tells her that the records belong to him, at which point, Olivia gets extremely upset and prepares to walk out of the studio before the scene ends.

It looks like we will have to wait until next week to see how the conversation actually ends, but it seems as if Olivia is back to stay.

You can catch the latest episodes of Love and Hip Hop: New York Monday nights on VH1.