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Love & Hip Hop: Chrissy Lampkin Reacts To Jim Jones House Getting Foreclosed

Jim Jones’ New Jersey home was foreclosed on, and it took Chrissy Lampkin by surprise.

Dipset rap icon Jim Jones’ longtime girlfriend Chrissy Lampkin has returned to the hit VH1 reality show that she spearheaded, Love & Hip Hop: New York. The two-hour premiere Monday night was full of surprises and shocking moments. Chrissy herself was hit with some unexpected news when it was revealed that the New Jersey home she shared with Jim Jones was foreclosed. Back in September, Urban Islandz reported that the house was sold at auction for $100 after the “Ballin” rapper failed to make mortgage payments over a seven-year period.

But apparently, Chrissy, who has been living in Miami over the last several years, had no idea that Jim was missing payments and found out about the foreclosure from the blogs. Chrissy confronted her boyfriend of almost 15 years on Monday night’s premiere, and Jimmy admitted that he was in the wrong. “I wish there was a way to slap you through the phone,” she said, noting that a foreclosure looks bad on her real estate business. “If I lose investors, you’re making it up. This is my livelihood.”

“The fact that I have to explain this to [her business partner] because of you is f*cked up,” she continued. “I don’t know what to tell you,” Jim replied. “I f*cked up thoroughly. I wish I had more of a business manager. I didn’t have the proper people in my corner,” he admitted.

Jim Jones was sued by the U.S. National Bank Association in 2017 after allegedly owed $1.2 million on the home. The house was valued at $680,000. The rapper reached a settlement with the bank last year but failed to keep up his end of the deal, and the account went back into default. The home has been sold back in a Sheriff’s sale for $100.