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DaBaby Catches Huge Break, Escapes Charges In Airport Brawl

DaBaby just caught a major break in his recent legal woes.

Dababy won’t face any charges for assault that took place at the DFW Airport in Dallas, Texas. The Charlotte rapper was involved in an altercation at the Dallas Fort Worth airport that caused him to be arrested in Miami on an arrest warrant. The rapper was later released on bond but his legal woes still lingered even though he was out of handcuffs.

It’s now being reported that the charges against Dababy have been dropped in connection with the incident at the airport where the rapper and a friend allegedly attacked a food stand worker. The rapper was involved in a second altercation where he allegedly beat up a concert promoter who he claimed shot him $10,000 for a performance. Dababy was held in jail for two days because of the outstanding warrant in Texas.

Reports are that the charges against Dababy stemming from the airport scuffle were dropped following the rapper’s attorney Michael Heiskell, sharing video evidence that his client was did not partake in the assault. According to TMZ, the arrest warrant only came to be because law enforcement believed Dababy was physically involved in the altercation. Now that it’s been proven otherwise, charges were officially dropped on Monday by the Tarrant Count D.A.’s office.

After Dababy’s Miami arrest, he is still facing battery charges for allegedly beating up the promoter that he says was indebted to him. In that particular incident, the rapper also reportedly relieved the victim of his credit card and also pilfered $80 while at it. This means Dababy could also be looking at robbery charges as well.

The rapper who is no stranger to the inside of a precinct or a run-in with the law, has been beating his cases for years now. Here’s to hoping he gets lucky again in the Miami case and won’t have to do any time.