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Promoter Who DaBaby and His Crew Jumped Suing Over Injuries

DaBaby is facing a potential lawsuit from a promoter who he and his crew jumped in Miami.

DaBaby is having a rough couple of weeks. Last week, he was cited for marijuana possession and resisting arrest in Charlotte, North Carolina, followed by an arrest in Miami on Thursday night. The most recent incident led to “Suge” rapper and his crew allegedly beating up and robbing a club promoter at the Café Iguana Pines nightclub in Florida. After his arrest, DaBaby found out he would be held without bond due to an outstanding warrant in Texas over a separate assault charge.

Now, the alleged victim in the Miami case, whose name is Kenneth, is planning to pursue legal action against DaBaby and others who were present at the time of the incident.

The details provided by the Miami Police Department claim that DaBaby is suspected of robbing the club promoter of $80, a credit card, and an iPhone while assaulting him. Someone also poured apple juice on Kenneth during the fight. The confrontation apparently occurred over a dispute in what Baby was owed for his performance, with Baby claiming he was due $30k and the promoter only handing over $20k. The alleged victim shared a photo with TMZ of his injuries, showing cuts and bruises on his face. Reports suggest Kenneth is in talks with multiple attorneys about pursuing a lawsuit against DaBaby, whose real name is Jonathan Lyndale Kirk.

The incident in Texas that is currently keeping the “Suge” rapper behind bars allegedly involves a separate assault during which DaBaby and a friend attacked an employee at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. The judge who announced the decision to hold Kirk without bond described the charge as “organized criminal activity.” Fans of the young rapper are disappointed to see the newly successful rapper struggling with so many legal issues, and the internet outpouring of support for him and his release has been widespread.