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Kodak Black Allegedly Grabs Prison Guard Testicles, Officer Needs Surgery For Hernia

Kodak Black may have sent a correctional officer to the hospital by grabbing his testicles in a prison fight.

A lot more came out of Kodak Black’s sentencing hearing on Wednesday than we anticipated. The Pompano Beach rapper was given 46 months in prison by a federal judge even though the prosecution had requested 10 years. His sentencing comes two weeks after he reportedly got into a fight in prison that sent one prison guard to the hospital. More details on that alleged fight came out in court today. The prosecution told the court that Black, whose real name is Bill Kapri, was under the influence of a drug when he beat up the correctional officer.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Bruce Brown said that the rapper was involved in a fight with another inmate on October 29 this year. A correctional officer on duty intervened in the fight and maced both inmates. That angered Kodak Black, who reportedly beat the officer to a pulp injuring his grown and face. The unnamed correctional officer remains hospitalized with a hernia and will require surgery.

Miami Herald reporter Jack Brook tweeted that Kodak grabbed the guard’s testicle in the melee. “South Florida rapper @KodakBlack1k sentenced to 46 months in prison today in Miami federal court. He also allegedly hospitalized a corrections officer a couple weeks ago—the officer requires surgery after Kodak Black reportedly grabbed his testicles and wouldn’t let go,” Brook tweeted.

The presiding judge did not factor in the alleged prison fight in Kodak Black’s sentencing, but that doesn’t mean that he will not face additional charges from that incident, which could see him getting a longer prison term down the road.

Three years and ten months is a win for the “Tunnel Vision” rapper and his legal team. The prosecution for gunning for a decade behind bars, which would’ve severely affected his rap career. But a little less than four years could see him coming home in three years on good behavior.