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Ebro Darden Calls Tekashi 6ix9ine Music Trash, Spazzes Over Reports Hot 97 Ban 69

Is Hot 97 censoring Tekashi 6ix9ine music amidst his snitching controversy?

Despite a recent report from TMZ that a Hot 97 radio station executive said the reputable hip-hop platform will not be playing any Tekashi 6ix9ine music, host Ebro Darden says otherwise. The Ebro in the Morning host has a history of throwing shade at Tekashi and his whole team but fired back at the claims saying, “Goofball NY n***as created Tekashi 69 and supported the streets. When he drops new music Imma play that sh*t every day just to sh*t on ya’ll stupid f**ks.”

Ebro went on to suggest that many media reports surrounding 6ix9ine are part of a mass marketing conspiracy organized by Tekashi’s team, claiming that nobody at Hot 97 ever spoke with TMZ regarding the rapper or his upcoming music. He suggests people follow the money, tweeting, “If the label is not careful were gonna have to revisit covering how his on-line shenanigans was fabricated from the beginning and who financed them…”

Tekashi 6ix9ine is currently awaiting sentencing in a trial involving several high-ranking members of the Nine Trey gang. The rapper now infamously testified against his fellow gang members and has since been ruthlessly trolled as an unforgivable snitch.

Despite gang affiliation, legal trouble, and having gained a reputation as a snitch, Tekashi 6ix9ine recently signed a $10 million record deal from jail. Many rappers have voiced their disappointment at the state of the industry, where a rapper like 6ix9ine, who presumably only joined a gang to further his career, can go on to testify against fellow members and land a record deal shortly after.

Ebro seems to agree with this sentiment, given the many times he has called out Tekashi for being a fraud, as well as unprofessional. Despite Ebro’s personal opinions, it seems Hot 97 has no plans to cancel Tekashi 6ix9ine anytime soon.