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Tekashi 6ix9ine Testimony, Snitched On Trippie Redd Gang Ties, Gave Nine Trey Secrets

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is currently on the witness stand, and details of his testimony have been released.

The delayed trial of Nine Trey Blood Gang members, Anthony “Harv” Ellison and Aljermiah “Nuke” Mack which Tekashi 6ix9ine is slated to testify in began yesterday. Ellison is also being charged for the 2018 kidnapping and robbery of Tekashi69. As Jury selection took place yesterday, the trial officially started today (September 17, 2019) with different witnesses taking the stand, including rapper Tekashi69.

Participants in the courtroom were anxiously awaiting the moment the rapper took the stand. Early into his testimony, prosecutors made their move, “Your honor, the government calls Daniel Hernandez.” The rapper was then sworn in, and the proceedings began. After general questions regarding the rapper’s place of birth, employment history, and education history prosecutors get down to business. “Were you a member of a gang?” they asked. The rapper responded, “Yes. The Nine Trey Bloods.” Prosecutors then queried, “what sort of things did 9 Trey do?,” to which the rapper answered, “Robberies, assaults, drugs.”

The “FeFe” rapper was then asked if he recognized anyone in the courtroom. He stated, “Anthony Ellison has a gray suit on. Mack has a brown suit on.” After providing further info about how he became a rapper and some of his projects the government then play a video during which Tekashi points out all the guns, linking one to his former manager Shotti who was recently sentenced to 15 years in prison. The prosecutors then probe the rapper, “Is that a real gun?” to which he states plainly, “Yes.”

The rapper was then asked, “Mister Hernandez, what is Gummo about?” He stated, “It’s a diss song, toward like somebody I don’t get along with.” Rapper Trippie Redd was part of Five Nine Brims, Tekashi also testifies. “Did there come a time that Gummo was released on the Internet?” the prosecution continues. “Yes, it went viral. Meaning, people shared it. I just put it up on YouTube and said, whatever happens, happens,” responded the rapper.

When asked about his other song “Kooda” the rapper had this to say, “I knew I had a formula, to repeat it, the gang, what is the word for it, image, I would say, promote it, you know what I’m trying to say? That’s what people like.”

When questioned about the Nine Trey gang’s initiation the rapper stated, “To be initiated you had to do work. Like, cutting someone’s face.” To which the prosecution asked, “Mr. Hernandez, but you were not initiated, right.” The rapper elaborated, “Right. I just had to keep making hits and giving financial support to the gang. Equipping with guns. Like, so they could buy guns.”

This confirms earlier reports that the rapper was the bank for the gang organization, funding their various projects. The rapper was then asked, “So what did you get from Nine Trey?” To which he admitted, “I would say my career. Credibility. Protection. All of the above. Trey Way was something what we could market.” The rapper then goes on to demonstrate the gang’s handshake.

The rapper then goes on to identify gang members from photos and explain the rank dynamics of the gang. “Mel Murda… He’s the grandfather, I mean godfather, of the Nine Trey Bloods. There was a street line up and a prison line up. My understanding is that with the prison line up there was a higher up to get anything sanctioned on the street. They could say who had ranking and who didn’t. There was a godfather… twins… Five star general…Mel Murda was the godfather. Right under was Shotti… Seiko Billy was a five star.”‘

The rapper then added, “Shotti told me if you take care of the people behind the wall, they’ll take care of you.”

The trial was then adjourned for the day. The rapper could retake the stand tomorrow. Back in January, Tekashi secured a plea deal to get his possible 47-year sentence cut down to 3 years. Now labeled a snitch by many, Tekashi has to face court alone as his family has been absent from the proceedings thus far out of fear for their safety.