Dancehall Deejay LA Lewis Gets Death Threats Over British Link Up Affiliation

LA Lewis life is in danger over his endorsement of British Link Up crew.

Following the murders of British Link Up members Roy Fowl and Oney British in the space of a month, thugs are warning dancehall deejay LA Lewis to steer clear of the crew, or he could be killed. Last month, Lewis did an interview with a close friend of Roy Fowl who was partying with him the same night he was killed in February. Following the death of Oney British, the dancehall deejay also shared his reaction on social media.

LA Lewis is now going public about the death threats he has been getting from thugs claiming to be behind the murders. The self-proclaim seven-star general is now saying that he will not back down. “I am not going to back down,” he said. “I will not stop big up the British them or speak on burning issues because if I should just stop talking, it would mean that Marcus Garvey’s fight for freedom of speech in vain. If I am to die today, my children will know that I died for what I believed in.”

Despite his strong stance against the death threats, LA Lewis admitted that he is fearful for his life in a lot of ways. “I am fearful for my life in some way because a threat is serious, but I am not going to stop doing what I am doing it,” he continues.

Lewis added that he was approached by an armed man at an event in the Richmond and Waltham Park vicinity. The man brandished a gun and told him to stop endorsing the British Link Up members or else he will be killed.