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Did Quavo Diss Lil Peep On Huncho Album? Fat Nick Thinks So

Lil Peep

Quavo may have dropped a few diss lines for Lil Peep, at least that’s what Fat Nick and others think.

Quavo Huncho album is now out, and fans are reacting with mixed reviews. One of the biggest takeaways from the project is his response to Nicki Minaj on the single “Huncho Dreams” which is a counteraction to her Queen single “Barbie Dreams.” The other thing that the Migos rapper is getting some flack for is a few lines on the single “Big Bro” where he seemingly took a jab at the late rapper Lil Peep, who died in November last year from a drug overdose.

“I’m a OG now so you need me / Think you poppin’ Xanax bars, but it’s Fentanyl / (No-no bars, it’s Fentanyl) / Think you’re living life like rockstars but you’re dead now / Let me put you under my wing, I can teach you one thing,” Quavo raps.

Lil Peep fans and collaborators have been bashing Quavo since dropping the album because they think that he is dissing the late rapper who died from a drug overdose. “Don’t sneak diss my dead brother @QuavoStuntin you really got life f***ed up , F**k wrong with you idgaf who you is & that’s on my big homies,” Fat Nick tweeted along with a screenshot of some of the lyrics from Quavo song “Big Bro.”

Sources are saying that the Migos frontman wasn’t dissing Lil Peep and that people are just overreacting. “That was not a diss towards Lil Peep or any other rappers so ni***s should stop reaching,” sources said.

Producer Smokeasac also chimed in on Twitter where he tweeted, “Quavos legacy will be nowhere near as great as Gus’s I put that on everything I love.”

“He tryna stir a pot up of drama and it’s working. it’s this amazing new marketing stunt… you just diss people who have passed in your new music for attention!” Smokeasac added.