Capleton Rape Case Postponed Over Bomb Scare At Court


Capleton rape case was, once again, postponed over a bomb scare at the courthouse.

Capleton was back in court earlier this week as his rape case resumes in the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court. The reggae icon and his lawyer Christopher Townsend reported to court on Monday, but a bomb scare halts the hearing. Apparently, someone called in and said that a bomb was placed in the building and such authorities moved to evacuate the premises and conduct an investigation.

“Our appearance in court was marred by the fact that there was a bomb scare,” Townsend said. “Our court time was shortened, so the crown set another date for the matter to be heard.”

Townsend also revealed that the extortion case against Capleton accuser is also before the courts, and police officers are actively investigating that matter. “We did make contact with the police who is investigating the parallel matter, and we were informed that there are some difficulties in CISOCA getting the lady to come in for her question and answer, to assist the investigation in relation to the extortion matter,” the lawyer said.

Townsend added that cops from the Centre for the Investigations of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) are trying to locate Capleton’s rape accuser to question her. The reggae/dancehall star has denied the rape accusations and accused the female of attempting to extort money from him.

Capleton returns to court on September 21st.