Kendrick Lamar Speaks Says He Is The GOAT

Kendrick Lamar is tired of being humble so he is speaking up and saying he thinks that he is the GOAT.

In case you’re new to black music culture, GOAT means Greatest of all Time. So the big question now is Kendrick Lamar the GOAT. K-Dot did an interview with Big Boy where he was asked if he thinks that he is the greatest rapper of all time. “A lot of people like to scream goat goat this that… you’re mister one through five, would you consider yourself GOAT at this point in your career,” Kendrick Lamar was asked by the host. But before Kendrick Lamar could even answer, Big Boy said “not at all” before playing it off saying he didn’t know that his mic was on.

“I got to, I got to (because) what’s the point of doing if you don’t want to be the best so I can’t take that for granted at all,” K-Dot said. Sure this interview will spark a lot of debate in hip hop about who is the GOAT and which rappers make up the prestigious list of the top five. Perhaps Kendrick Lamar was saying that he is the greatest of this generation or perhaps he was alluding to being the greatest rapper ever since the birth of the genre in the 1970s.

In all credit to Kendrick Lamar, he has the biggest album debut so far this year after his album DAMN sold 603,000 copies in the first week of release back in April. The project has since certified platinum but is three hugely successful albums enough to crown him the GOAT. When it comes to album sales, Drake is racking up the numbers over the last two years with his albums Views and More Life. But some hip hop fans think that Drizzy lost some credibility with the ghostwriting controversy.

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