Usain Bolt Photoed Kissing Another Female At A Club In Rio

Usain Bolt is having the worst 24 hours of his Olympic career or maybe not.

Last night some leaked photos surfaced online of the Jamaican sprint legend in bed with a 20-year-old widow of a notorious drug lord in Rio. Now more photos are surfacing showing the fastest man on the planet kissing another female inside a club in Rio where he was partying Sunday morning for his 30th birthday.

Usain Bolt Photo In Bed With Rio Gangster’s Wife After Birthday Party

Usain Bolt arrived in London on Monday afternoon on a flight from Rio and he seemed unbothered by the publication of the photos. His rumored girlfriend Kasi Bennett also seemed unbothered on social media signalling that the couple may be over the episode. Bolt was spotted partying with some of his teammates including Asafa Powell up until around 4:30 AM on Sunday.


Usain Bolt was also captured on video dancing with another female groupie on stage at the same club in Rio. While this the norm for him in Jamaica, the kissing photos will certainly warrant some explaining from his girlfriend.