Usain Bolt Photo In Bed With Rio Gangster’s Wife After Birthday Party

Usain Bolt had the time of his life on Sunday night for his 30th birthday party at a nightclub in Rio.

But before the night ended some damning photos of the track and field legend in bed with a Brazilian female surfaced online. Up to the time of this publications Usain Bolt was a trending topic on social media and not just for his impressive achievements in Rio but also for these photos.

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All of last week we’ve been hearing a lot about Bolt’s gorgeous and supportive girlfriend Kasi Bennett with his sister allegedly saying that the two will be getting married. But this new development could put a damper on all of those plans. According to reports, the female is 20-year-old Jady Duarte who happens to be the wife of a notorious drug lord in Rio. Bolt might want to take the first flight out of Rio to get away from gang bangers and also try to save his relationship.

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Usain Bolt celebrated his 30th birthday on Sunday just two days after completing the final Olympics race of his career winning gold in the 4×100 meter relays. Bolt cemented his place as the greatest of all-time winning 9 gold medals in three Olympic games.

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Bolt was partying with Asafa Powell, Yohan Blake and other members of the Jamaican Olympic team on Sunday night. Sources say they left the club at around 4:30 am on Monday morning so it’s still unclear when he crossed path with this young lady. Sources also say that the 20-year-old sent the photos to her friends on Whatsapp and believed one of them leaked the images to the media. The photos first popped up on a popular Brazilian blog before British tabloid The Daily Mail make it one of their headline stories.