Lady Saw Says No She Will Not Be Returning To Dancehall

Lady Saw is dismissing rumors that she will be making a grand return to dancehall despite being baptized and giving her live to Christ.

Rumors started circulating on social media since last week claiming that the former dancehall queen could be taking the stage at Reggae Sumfest as her former self, a hardcore dancehall diva.

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A rep for Saw told Urban Islandz that she will not be returning to dancehall and is currently working on her gospel album, due later this year.

“Marion will not be returning to hardcore dancehall she been there done that so she is turning a new page in her life now,” her rep said. “People should allow her to make this journey without all this unnecessary criticism and negativity. Stop all this ridiculous rumors now and let a good woman answer to her calling. Her real fans can look out for her new reggae gospel album coming out soon.”

Sources told us that Lady Saw has been working with Sly and Robbie over the past few months on the album. She also confirmed the album on her Instagram page last week.

“One more song and my album is done,” she wrote. “Thanks to sly and Robbie. Reggae Jesus. I want u to meet my Jesus cause I know he has something to do with the way you play that keyboard. Thank u all. Chris sqiddly Erny spicy Bowie Danny and more. The album full a holy Ghost.”