Lady Saw Retires From Dancehall Gets Baptized Following J Capri Funeral

Lady Saw has officially thrown in her dancehall towel and answers to god’s calling.

Saw, whose real name is Marion Hall, is now a devote Christian after getting baptized right after attending J Capri’s funeral service on Monday.

Her reps told Urban Islandz that she has also cancelled all her upcoming dancehall concerts.

“We already contacted all the promoters for her upcoming shows overseas and locally and instructed them about the new development,” her rep said.

On Monday, Lady Saw posted a video on her Instagram page of herself getting baptized.

“I’m now washed of all my sins,” she wrote. “I’ve giving my life to God fully and is ready to walk with him and do his work.”

Mumma Saw says that god spoke to her while she was attending J Capri funeral and she answered his calling.

“God as just spoken to me,” the dancehall legend said. “He did so at J Capri Service and finish it off in my house. I’m now a new servant of the lord. All my dancehall shows will be cancel cause God as call me to work for him now.glory be to the most high God.”

The dancehall icon also blast off a voice note following her baptizes.

Watch the two videos below.



  1. Mid-life crisis.

  2. Thought she did this before. Either way: Jah bless

  3. Me body a weak me can’t bother she a real joker that will be the day. Satan soon call her again.