Gully Bop Unmanageable .. Parted Ways With Another Manager

Gully Bop is unmanageable, at least so says his former manager Karl Durrant.

The dancehall deejay has changed a slew of managers over the last year leading us to believe that maybe he is just not manageable.

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Over the last few months there has been a back and forth between Gully Bop and Durrant with the viral dancehall deejay claiming that Durrant was never his manager and was simply playing the role of a publicist. But now Durrant is insisting that he was managing Bop and has now officially dropped him as a client.

“From Gully Bop ask me to manage him it has been like a tornado passing through my life and business,” Durrant said. “My show in December [was] rained out; January a pure mix-up due to the padlock thing; February, me lose crazy money; March me and my fiancee break up; and April me crash.”

Gully Bop is currently being manage by Phantom Fireworks Records, a label that is owned by his new girlfriend A’Mari.