Gully Bop Getting New Set Of Teeth Ahead Of Wedding With New Girlfriend

Gully Bop will be sporting a new set of teeth withing the next couple of weeks.

Sources close to the viral dancehall deejay told Urban Islandz that he has already starting the process in New York City where he is currently spending time with his new girlfriend A’Mari.

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“Bop already removed his two teeth and is now in the process of getting dentures, but ultimately he will be doing dental implant which will be done over the period of six weeks,” sources told us.

Gully Bop says that he is hoping to have the procedure done before his wedding to aspiring singer A’Mari this summer.

“I was concerned about his hygiene, and he had several broken teeth that had been damaged because of a car accident years ago,” A’Mari said. “He doesn’t want to get married until his teeth are fixed because he wants to walk down the aisle looking good.”

Last year Gully Bop turned down a request from a well known New York dentist who offered to fix his teeth problem for free. Seems the deejay is finally taking up that offer.