Gully Bop Getting New Set Of Teeth Ahead Of Wedding With New Girlfriend

Gully Bop will be sporting a new set of teeth withing the next couple of weeks.

Sources close to the viral dancehall deejay told Urban Islandz that he has already starting the process in New York City where he is currently spending time with his new girlfriend A’Mari.

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“Bop already removed his two teeth and is now in the process of getting dentures, but ultimately he will be doing dental implant which will be done over the period of six weeks,” sources told us.

Gully Bop says that he is hoping to have the procedure done before his wedding to aspiring singer A’Mari this summer.

“I was concerned about his hygiene, and he had several broken teeth that had been damaged because of a car accident years ago,” A’Mari said. “He doesn’t want to get married until his teeth are fixed because he wants to walk down the aisle looking good.”

Last year Gully Bop turned down a request from a well known New York dentist who offered to fix his teeth problem for free. Seems the deejay is finally taking up that offer.



  1. Are they getting married to stay in America? She’s doing too much too soon;I don’t see this relationship lasting.

    • Selena you are smart and always have been yes of course they only getting married for papers. Selena you have to watch the Gully Bop goes to the dentist video. That Amari chic is a rabid person.

      • You sound jealous cause the bop going to live in America dwrcl..

      • If a laugh a pop one more time. Me live in a Canada and me travel go shopping a states. Jealous of what Gully Bop is broke right now him career flop. Money or no money me no jealous of him.

      • Lawd nuh pop cause ah jokes,remember ah you did tell me that first so am returning it Am born Canadian so i can live anywhere.

      • Me know say a joke you a run but anything concern gully bop not even funny. Go and watch the Gully Bop go dentist video las week him go dentist and never even have 1 dollar to pay for dentist. He is a sad case out of the Gully to stardom to broke again.

      • Better him did stay with Chin cause it look like she did ah look out for him

      • I’ll check it out. What is Bop going to do in America?

      • I haven’t a clue but it is clear the lady is a puppet master.

      • Gully Bop is a electrician by trade,he’ll get by.
        But the wife to be seem to be a wacko,lol.

      • How can you be so sure?I knew she was crazy from the time she tattooed her scalp. lol Bop had me feeling sorry for him up until I saw “Gully Bop responds to homeless rumor”. I have no idea what to think now.

      • Yea he’s an electrician b4 him coke out,wicked electrician also. I don’t like it when they bash Chin,that’s not z mash mouth kuku gal place,from mi n a girl break up;outta sight ouuta mind with all due respect.

      • Chin was no better and she was exploiting him too and still is. She still has his Facebook page and is posting her videos on his page. ?Then she talking about how she don’t want to talk about Bop on OnStage. lol. He’s getting screwed every which way.