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A’Marie Talks Dating Gully Bop “He Cries A lot He Is Very Sensitive”

Gully Bop’s new girlfriend A’Marie is opening up about how she met the viral dancehall deejay.

The singer sat down with Winford Williams last weekend for a candid interview dishing on her career in the entertainment industry.

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“I met Gully Bop when I was with my boyfriend and my boyfriend was standing there and he said there is Gully Bop would you like a picture and I said sure,” A’Marie said. “I took a picture with him and he never left my side since then we even went and recorded a song together.”

She said that she then dumped her boyfriend for Gully Bop. When asked who is Gully Bop to her she said that he is a very sensitive guy.

“He cries a lot, he is very sensitive and he suffers a lot,” she said.

Watch the full interview below.

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  1. Shauna posted a link the other day and I watched the video with this clown and I worry for her mental state. Winford was even trying to keep hard from laughing this woman seriously cannot sing. The songs she sings are also pathetic bout she lost weight and she cheated on her boo what is that trash talk? Her twin daughters are so beautiful though I wonder who adopted them. She certainly need to get her life together as she will not have one with Gully Bop. He is busy a breed girls can you believe this nonsense these careleee people sleeping all around town. Easter is over and them people ya a hop like bunny rabbit from one person to the next.